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Testo 416-KIT (400563 4161) Anemometer w/ Cabled Telescopic Vane Probe

Category: Anemometers

The compact Testo 416 is an easy to use vane anemometer with attached 16 mm (0.63 in) vane probe on a telescoping shaft. Just enter the duct area measurements directly into the Testo 416 and volume flow measurements (cfm) are shown on the clear display. Timed and multi-point mean flow calculations allow quick, easy and accurate airflow measurement. Min-Max values are one button simple, while the "Hold" function freezes the current readings in the display for easy data recording.

Functions Specifications
Meas. range +118 to +8000 fpm
Accuracy ±1 digit ±1(40 fpm +1.5% of rdg.)
Resolution 0.1 fpm
Oper. temp -4 to +122°F
Storage temp -40 to +185°F
Battery type 9V Alkali manganese
Battery life 80 hr
Dimensions 7" x 2.5" x 1.6"
Material/Housing ABS


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