CIA013-Digital Shore A Hardness Tester Tire Tyre Meter Durometer 100HA

Category: Hardness tester


Digital Shore A Durometer

  • Product Name:Shore A Durometer
    Shore A DUROMETER :It is designed for testing the hardness of soft rubber,printer roller and other elastomer material.(ASTM--D--2240)

  • Specification:
    Resolution: 1.0HA
    Total measure force: 8.1N
    Outside pressure: 1kg
    Pressure needle top cone angle of 35°
    Needle length: 2.5mm
    Flat cone point: φ0.79mm diameter
    Dial Scale: 0~100HA

  • User Notice:
    1.Thickness of test specimen >6mm,no more than 3 layers; Test area >/=feet area(diameter.18mm).
    2.Test 3 times and calculate the average as test result.


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